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Can we decrease the cost of chronic conditions?

Can we decrease the cost of chronic conditions?

Short answer: Yes, we can. When we look at the overall health of patient populations, a handful of conditions stand out. These acute and chronic conditions are some of  the most costly to manage and are a significant contributor to hospital readmissions.. No doubt you’re familiar with the conditions in the table below:

Think the cost of managing chronic conditions like these is staggering today? They are, and what’s more, those costs continue to rise at an unprecedented rate every year in the US.

The dream is to find a way to take better care of these patients so they cost the system less. Making this dream a reality is of paramount importance to all stakeholders in healthcare, from systems managers to providers to patients. But how can we offer more care without increasing the cost.

Virtual care may be the key. These acute and chronic conditions follow predictable patterns. Improved outcomes can be seen when patients simply stay motivated, comply with treatment programs, and take effective action in times of trouble. That’s where cost-effective interactions can make a huge difference to health outcomes — and to the bottom line.

Ask yourself: What if you could offer your neediest patients a cadence of virtual visits tailored to their condition as part of their treatment program? Telehealth programs can be designed to specifically support acute or chronic conditions, offering patients personalized interactions at just the right times in just the right ways.

The cost of virtual care is affordable. Virtual visits by phone, laptop, or mobile device can leverage motivational interviewing and teach-back techniques to keep patients engaged, increase compliance with treatment plans and promote positive behavior change.

Timely intervention improves patient compliance and staves off costly escalation. The intersection of innovative care strategies with technology can enable health systems to take better care of the most costly and needy patients by giving them more – more frequent and more personalized interactions with caring providers.

There’s no doubt about it. Effective management of acute and chronic diseases can help patients live happier, healthier lives and unlock cost savings for healthcare systems. Telehealth’s role in the care management team is just emerging — the time to design virtual care programs that better support patients and create critical efficiencies is now.


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