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Due to scheduled maintenance, service may not be available Saturday, August 15, 1:00 – 3:00 a.m. CT. If you need immediate care during this time and service is unavailable, please call customer support for assistance, 833-484-6359.

Due to upgrades, new users on iPhones are recommended to register through a laptop if available or call customer service at 833-484-6359.

Note: When registering, use your JHU email address and Service Key provided via email.

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24/7 TalkNow & Scheduled Counseling
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General Information

What is Mental Telehealth?
Mental Telehealth is a convenient way for Johns Hopkins University students to receive 24/7, no-cost mental health support through TalkNow (talk about anything, anytime) and Scheduled Counseling for common issues and concerns that can be safely and accurately discussed and treated virtually. All you need is an internet connection.

What is TimelyMD?
TimelyMD is an independent company that provides virtual visits for Johns Hopkins students and learners, augmenting other services provided by university clinical staff.

Who can use Mental Telehealth?
Any student or trainee enrolled in a Johns Hopkins University program can use the service, including undergraduategraduate, and professional students, post-doctoral fellows, and housestaff, part-time or full-time, online or in-person. TalkNow is available in the US and countries that permit web access to the site and app. Scheduled counseling is available in the US only.

How do I login?

Click “Sign In” at the top right of this page.

Mobile and tablet users:

If you click “Sign In” on this page from a mobile device or tablet, you will be directed to download the TimelyMD app. If it is your first time to log in, after you download the app, click on “Sign Up for TimelyMD” to setup your Mental Telehealth account using your name as it appears on your student ID, your JHU email address, and the Service Key provided by your school. You will be asked for the service key during registration on the app.

Laptop/Desktop users:

If you register on a laptop or desktop, please complete the enrollment process using your name as it appears on your student ID and your JHU email address and then click on “Add a Service Key” after the enrollment process is complete.

If you have trouble or don’t know your Service Key, call 833-484-6359, reach out via our Chat Support on the bottom right of your screen or email

My gender identity is not listed. How should I enroll?

We encourage you to speak with your provider about this upon first connection if you feel comfortable. The Mental Telehealth platform currently only allows students to select male/female gender identity options upon creation of your profile. We understand the importance of presenting all gender identity options, and this is a priority system update for later this year. For now, please select your current legal gender when creating your profile.

How does TalkNow work?

TalkNow is 24/7 immediate access to a mental health professional. You’ll be able to discuss anything from general anxiety to loss of a family member to a critical situation. When you log in to Mental Telehealth, just click TalkNow, and you’ll be connected with a professional to get the help and advice you need.

Mental health providers can help with:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety surrounding COVID-19
  • Addictions
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Grief and loss
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Panic disorders
  • and much more…
Is TalkNow only for emergency situations?

No. TalkNow can be used for any kind of emotional support, including critical situations.

TalkNow is 24/7 immediate access to a mental health professional. You’ll be able to discuss anything from general anxiety to loss of a family member to a critical situation. When you log in to Mental Telehealth, just click TalkNow, and you’ll be connected with a professional to get the help and advice you need.

Mental health providers can help with:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety surrounding COVID-19
  • Addictions
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Grief and loss
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Panic disorders
  • and much more…
How does Scheduled Counseling work?

Scheduled Counseling gives you scheduled options to speak to a licensed counselor in your state. By choosing Scheduled Counseling, you have the ability to pick your counselor and their availability based on your busy schedule. Just like TalkNow, you may talk to a counselor on Scheduled Counseling about anything from depression and anxiety to grief to addiction and more.

Mental Telehealth Counselors can help with:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety surrounding COVID-19
  • Addictions
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Grief and loss
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Panic disorders
  • and much more…
Hours and Timing

When is Mental Telehealth available?
You can complete an online visit at any time, 24 hours a day.

How soon will I get a response?
Our goal is to connect you to a provider within one hour, 24 hours a day.


If I’m having an emergency, what should I do?
You should call someone for help:

  • 911 or go to an emergency room
  • Counseling Center: 410-516-8278
  • JHSAP: 443-287-7000
  • University Mental Health: 410-955-1892 (after-hours emergencies only)
  • Baltimore Crisis Response, Inc: 410-433-5175
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Crisis Text Line (free 24/7 crisis support in the US): Text HOME to 741-741

Can I receive medication management or psychiatry services?
No. At this time, our mental health providers do not provide medication management or psychiatric services. Please contact University Mental Health, JHSAP, or the Counseling Center to assist you in connecting with psychiatry and medication management.


How much does a visit cost?
Visits are free to all Johns Hopkins University students.

Records and Security

Will my provider know I’ve completed a visit?
If you are a Mental Telehealth patient, your visit records will be saved as part of your medical records. If you want to share your records with a physician outside of Mental Telehealth, you can print or email your records.

Will my information be shared with JHU staff or providers?
Mental Telehealth is a confidential service, just like the services offered at JHU. If the practitioner is concerned for your safety, they will reach out to agencies in your area to assist in keeping you safe and follow up with JHU clinical staff. A clinical staff member at JHU will be notified for follow-up in cases of hospitalization. You can also request that your TimelyMD provider share information with your JHU provider.

Is my personal information safe?
All the information you provide is encrypted and protected. Our Terms of Service gives more information on how we protect the personal information provided through our website.

Do I have access to records of my visit(s)?
Yes. You can access your visit records at any time through your account.


What browsers do you support?
Mental Telehealth requires you to use a modern browser to ensure your data is secure and your experience is awesome. You can use any of the following browsers for your visit: Internet Explorer 11 or newer, Safari 11 or newer, Chrome, or Firefox. If you don’t have one of these browsers, you can download Chrome or Firefox for free.

How can I access Mental Telehealth?
You can access Mental Telehealth from any web-enabled device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Mobile and tablet users will be directed to download the TimelyMD app.


We fully acknowledge the importance of accessibility, and have made significant accessibility updates to both our web and mobile interfaces. Our platform can be accessed through a web-based graphical user interface, mobile app, or through a telephone-based interactive voice-response (IVR) interface — whereby phone visits are arranged by a Customer Service Representative 24/7 (Call 833-484-6359).

App Accessibility Information (TimelyMD app):

If you are downloading the TimelyMD mobile application for the first time and setting up your account, you will see an option during your account setup to select accessibility features. If you have already downloaded the TimelyMD app and created your profile, go to “More” → “My Preferences” → “Accessibility” to enable Accessibility Mode. Or, you can call customer service at 833-484-6359, and we can turn on Accessibility Mode for you.

Website Accessibility Information:

If you are accessing Mental Telehealth on the web (via a laptop or desktop computer), click on “Account” (in the top-right corner) after logging in to the platform. Then select “Preferences,” and turn on “Accessibility Preferences.”

Our platform is also compatible with all industry standard OS and browsers allowing screen magnification/zoom, brightness settings, custom mouse settings and keyboard shortcuts, etc. All platform content and emails related to care include hidden content only available to screen readers to assist sight-impaired users.


Providers that speak English and Spanish are available and this will be noted in their profile.

If you need help translating a language other than English or Spanish, students and learners have the ability to invite a guest to attend the visit to help. You will be asked if you’d like to invite a guest when you start a visit. Someone may also simply sit in the visit in-person if you are comfortable.

Can I access Mental Telehealth outside of the United States?

Mental Telehealth technology was built to be accessible anywhere in the world that has a stable internet connection. If you are outside of the U.S. in a country with internet restrictions, you can access TalkNow (immediate emotional support) by using a U.S. VPN or calling customer service at 1-833-484-6359. In order to be connected with a mental health provider, you will need a nine-digit telephone number.

JHU Considerations

When should I use TimelyMD instead of a mental telehealth appointment with a JHU provider?
Students and learners are invited to call their respective mental health provider on campus (University Mental Health, JHSAP, Counseling Center) for consultation or use TimelyMD’s Mental Telehealth. There may be limitations based on the licensure rules as to where JHU providers are able to provide video-based therapy, known as mental telehealth, outside of Maryland. TimelyMD is a great alternative that allows access for students and learners located in any state to schedule appointments and those located in all 50 states to receive supportive coaching from TalkNow. If you have questions, please call the mental health office that serves your school.

If I am currently located in Maryland, should I use TimelyMD or contact my Hopkins-based provider directly?
Please work with your service providers to discuss any transitions to new providers

If I start counseling with a TimelyMD practitioner and want to switch to a Hopkins-based practitioner, can I do that? 
There is no commitment to use TimelyMD. Your TimelyMD record will not be transferred over automatically to a Hopkins-based practitioner. Please work with your service-providers to discuss a transition for the most effective treatment.

How is TimelyMD different from Silvercloud or other online tools offered my JHU mental health providers? 
Silvercloud and other online tools are self-directed resources to support you. TimelyMD is live, video-based interaction with a licensed mental health provider. Silvercloud and TimelyMD can be utilized together or separately.

If I need additional assistance, can I receive a referral for a mental health provider in my area? 
Your TimelyMD provider will have access to the resources in your state and can assist with getting you connected to those resources. University Mental Health, JHSAP, and the Counseling Center can also assist you with referrals.

How long will I be able to access TimelyMD resources? 
Because this tool is a solution to a challenge created by physical distancing requirements, we’ve contracted with TimelyMD through at least July 10, 2020.

I’m going to graduate from Johns Hopkins before July 10, 2020. How long will TimelyMD resources be available to me? 
You may use TimelyMD for free through July 10, 2020, regardless of your enrollment status.  Following that date, you would not be eligible for continued free services and should discuss a timely treatment plan and transition to a new practitioner. You may choose to continue services with TimelyMD for a fee of $79 per session.

Cancellation Policy

For all scheduled visits, the patient may cancel up to 24 hours prior to the time of the visit. Within 24 hours of the visit time, it will be considered a no-show of a live visit and will count against the student’s allotted number of visits for the year.