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Thoughtful telemedicine improves population health, increases healthcare quality, and reduces healthcare costs.

Find efficiencies that matter.

~ 70 %

of all ER visits are potentially avoidable

~ 75 %

of all doctor, urgent care and ER visits could be managed with telehealth

Managing population health can be extremely challenging. Itʼs no longer just about the individual patient experience, itʼs about ensuring effective use of resources across a diverse group of patients — one for whom you may have full-risk responsibility.

For any healthcare business, the driving need is to improve population health, provide quality healthcare, and at the same time, reduce the total cost of care. To do it, youʼve got to find efficiencies that matter. Thatʼs where thoughtful telemedicine can help.

"We need to reduce the total cost of care for our population. With TimelyMD, we are building a program to strike the root of the problem. After-hours access is key, as that’s when costly ER visits end up in hospital admissions or re-admissions."

- TimelyMD Care Management Partner

Let’s talk solutions.

Invest 20 minutes and weʼll show you how telemedicine transforms the equation for healthcare systems.

Healthier patients build a stronger healthcare business.

Telemedicine creates a new communications channel between your health system and your patient population. When patients have increased access, are focused on positive health routines and are empowered to make good healthcare decisions, we see:

Lower Costs

Across a patient population, staving off just a percentage of avoidable urgent care, ER, or hospital visits can represent profound savings.

Fewer ER Visits

24/7 access gives patients an easy, confident step to take at the first sign of trouble. Early contact with care providers reduces avoidable escalation.

Reduced Hospital Admissions

When patients get virtual follow-up, are encouraged to comply with treatment, and act in a timely manner, outcomes improve over 30-60-90 days.

Better chronic condition management.

Virtual care programs create personalized interactions for all patients, and can include intervention and follow-up designed for acute or chronic condition management.

Put every resource to best use.

TimelyMD solves real problems with virtual care, and cuts cost cycles that unnecessarily deplete system resources. We look carefully at population challenges and business goals to design a program that connects and coordinates care, adding strength to your entire system. TimelyMD builds solutions that:


Give patients easy access to care, encourage timely action and improve health outcomes. Support good decision-making so patients comply with treatment plans.


Extend quality care to patients managing chronic conditions, who live far from physical locations or who need help after hours — without adding burden to primary care physicians.


Focus in-person care on the right cases to smooth dips and spikes, and keep clinics productive. Information shared from virtual visits improves continuity of care and reduces escalation of simple issues.


Prevent leakage by ensuring patients turn to your programs for healthcare, and protect them from running up big bills for avoidable escalations.

"TimelyMD improves life both in and out of our clinic. I know our patients can always get same-day appointments and have access to healthcare support even when our providers are off duty. Information from virtual visits is there to support my providers in making great care decisions. TimelyMD has my back."

Cindy Gravitt, - Clinic Director

Make TimelyMD a differentiator for your doctors.

You care about your physicians, and so do we. Telemedicine lets you support doctors while expanding care options for patients at little or no cost. Around the-clock access gives both patients and doctors valuable peace of mind. Doctors can count on TimelyMD for improved:


Virtual visits let your doctors rest easy, knowing patients have access to care around the clock. Seamless information sharing from virtual visits gives your primary care physicians more data with which to manage patient health during normal hours.


Telemedicine supports doctors by reinforcing compliance and engagement. Virtual visits help patients keep treatment plans top-of-mind using teach-back and motivational interviewing. Doctors benefit from increased contact with patients that they control.


Virtual care fits patient lifestyles and enables personalized attention to increase engagement and loyalty. Virtual care may even improve health by encouraging patients to address health issues that feel private or difficult to address in traditional settings.

Virtual care adds strength.

Telemedicine enables improved population health at a lower cost by addressing more patients in the moment of need. When patients donʼt know whether or how to seek help often wait too long to take action. The longer they wait, the sicker they get — and the more likely they will end up at costly urgent cares or emergency rooms. Thoughtful telemedicine from TimelyMD increases:


One point of contact — anytime, from anywhere — makes it easy for your population to get quality care and immediate treatment. Whether a simple prescription or an in-person visit is needed, patients can be confident about taking steps to improved health.


Easy, around the clock access means less escalation and faster healing across your population. Seamlessly expand the quality care you offer without overburdening primary care physicians. Virtual visits information is shared back to doctors to close the care loop.


Focus on the right cases at the right times to lower costs. Accurate triage and efficient case management optimizes every resource and prevents leakage as patients turn to your programs for healthcare anytime of the day or night.

Explore solutions for your healthcare system.

Explore solutions for your healthcare system. Ready to discover how telemedicine can transform the care equation for your business?