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Thoughtful telehealth services improve student mental and physical health, optimize campus clinic resources, and grant peace of mind to both students and parents.

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Your students need support.

70 % +

drink alcohol

77 %

are sexually active

37 % +

may suffer mental health issues

Supporting student health poses serious challenges for higher education. In today’s competitive environment, colleges and universities struggle to keep students healthy in body and mind, and control healthcare costs all at the same time.

Short on time and experience — but long on the confidence of youth — students are a challenging patient population that too often ignores easily managed physical or mental health issues. When health issues can no longer be ignored, sick students struggle to get into overburdened campus clinics.  

The longer they wait, the sicker students get. And in the case of contagious illness, the more people may be exposed. Worse, students may end up at costly urgent cares or emergency rooms.

"Campus demand for medical services surged so we could not consistently accommodate same-day appointments. This frustrated students, parents and clinic staff. Adding TimelyMD to the mix helped us deliver excellent, timely care to more patients. Students love the 24/7 access!"

Cindy Gravitt - Abilene Christian University

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Abilene Christian University has improved student health on campus by partnering with TimelyMD to increase access to healthcare through 24/7 telemedicine.

See the Case Study

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Virtual care bridges the gap.

From experience to transportation to money, students lack resources. Whether they need a doctor or counselor, students may not know when to seek help, where to go, how to get there, or if they can afford the care they need.  With thoughtful telemedicine and telecounseling programs, campuses can bridge gaps that keep students from making good healthcare decisions. Telehealth increases:

Connected Campus

A campus-wide program offers students one point of contact — anytime, anywhere — to get quality care and immediate treatment for medical or mental health concerns. Whether they need a simple prescription or a visit to the campus clinic, students can be confident about taking steps to improved health.

Immediate Access

Easy, immediate access encourages students to take timely action for any ailment. No waiting for an appointment, matching clinic hours, or figuring out transportation. They can get quality medical and behavioral health care between classes, in the middle of the night, no matter where they live and even if they are traveling.

Cost Saving

Telehealth removes the mystery and fear of seeking medical or counseling support. Campuses can offer an included telehealth benefit to every student. Affordable access gives campus better control over the providers students use, and protects students from running up big bills at costly urgent care or ERs.

More questions about telehealth

Visit our FAQ page, where you’ll find more information about the benefits of telehealth.

Put every resource to best use.

Campus clinicians are dedicated to serving students. Thoughtful telehealth programs optimize clinic resources and support clinic staff in delivering quality care to the right students at the right times. Programs can be designed to offer after hours support or 24/7 service. TimelyMD builds solutions that:

1. Motivate

Give students easy access to care, encourage timely action and improve health outcomes.

2. Maximize

Help clinic and counseling resources go farther with accurate triage and efficient case management. 

3. Optimize

Focus clinic  and counseling flow on the right cases so students who need in-person care get in quickly.

4. Protect

Prevent leakage by ensuring students turn to campus programs for mental health and medical care, use campus clinics and counseling centers, and protect students and their parents from running up big bills at urgent care or ER facilities.

"If I got sick in the night growing up, I’d wake my mom and she’d know what to do. At school, I can call a doctor who will support me the same way. It feels really good to know care is a call away."

- College Student, Abilene Christian University

Make caring for students a real differentiator.

Telehealth and telecounseling services allow colleges to concretely demonstrate commitment to students and families. Around-the-clock access to quality care and counseling services can give both students and parents valuable peace of mind.

Parents worry about college-age kids. They know students get sick due to stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, or behaviors from sexual activity to drug use. Care offered directly through their phones fits the student lifestyle and suits the private nature of the issues they may be facing.

When families know all students have immediate access to healthcare and counseling, they can be confident that the overall environment is healthier and safer for their child.  

Healthier students create stronger communities.

The physical and mental health of a student population can be directly correlated to the strength of the college. When students are supported and empowered to make good healthcare decisions, colleges see:

Better overall health, both physical and mental

Reduced absenteeism.

More extracurricular participation.

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