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When success depends on serving, satisfying, and delighting your members, access to telehealth demonstrates caring that builds community.

When success depends on serving, satisfying, and delighting your members, access to

telehealth demonstrates caring that builds community.

Your members appreciate convenience.


of conditions treated

10 min

to quality healthcare


insurance hassles

Modern life moves fast. In today’s competitive environment, service-oriented brands are striving to win consumer loyalty in every way possible.


For many businesses, the most coveted consumers are those with the least time. Busy with work and family, striving to make healthy choices, and always on-the-go, modern consumers are looking for ways to make life easier.


Healthcare — with all of its antiquated service models and insurance hassles — is a major source of frustration for many consumers. We can transform frustration into a new opportunities for your business.

"Right now, my career is my top priority. My time and energy are at a premium. When I find a brand that gets my priorities and knows how to save me time, I’m sold."

- Potential Customer

Let’s talk opportunities.

Invest 20 minutes and weʼll show you how telemedicine can add new benefits and marketability to your brand.

Virtual care takes virtually no time.

Healthcare is hard to get. People get sick after hours. Busy schedules are too jammed to visit the doctorʼs office. Often, consumers donʼt know where to go for the care they need — and they hate wasting time on small issues. With thoughtful telemedicine, your brand can make better healthcare decisions effortless. Telemedicine increases:


Easy, immediate access encourages members to taketimely action for any ailment. No finding a provider, re-arranging schedules, or waiting for an appointment.They get quality care between meetings, in the middle of the night, and even while traveling.


Give members one point of contact — anytime, anywhere — for immediate support. Whether they need a simple prescription or a visit to the doctor, telemedicine gives members quality care, accurate advice, and confidence about the next step to better health.


Telehealth can be offered as an included benefit to every member, or on a low-cost per use basis. This straightforward benefit lets busy members skip insurance hassles, makes them feel cared for with less cost, and offers incredible savings over urgent care centers or emergency rooms.

"I love that my club ofers a 24/7 healthcare benefit. It’s so convenient, it makes staying healthy that much easier."

- Young Professional

Make caring a real differentiator.

You care about your members. Telemedicine lets you concretely demonstrate your commitment to your community. It opens a new channel between your brand and your members — one that is focused on good health, timely support, and positive routines.


Around-the-clock access to quality healthcare offers members time and cost savings, exceptional service, and valuable peace of mind they will appreciate. At the same time, it creates new marketability and revenue opportunities for you.

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