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Frequently asked questions about RoyalMD
For more information or for any questions not addressed here,
please call us toll-free at 1-863-774-7027 or email us here.

What is RoyalMD?
RoyalMD is a convenient and cost effective way for Warner University students to receive health care from a RoyalMD provider for common conditions that can be safely and accurately diagnosed online. All you need is an internet connection.

What is TimelyMD?
TimelyMD is an independent company that provides virtual visits for Warner University students.

Who can use RoyalMD?
Any enrolled Warner student.

To log in:

1. Go to

2. Use your Warner University student email address as your username and your student ID as your password. You will be prompted to change your password upon your first login for security reasons. Please keep your login information for future visits. If you forget your password, no problem – you can always use the forgot password feature on the login page. If you still have trouble, call us at 1-863-774-7027 or email support at

Our licensed providers are trained to treat a wide range of conditions. Below are some of the most common.

Most Common Medical Conditions:

Sinus infection
Influenza (flu)
Bladder infection (UTI)
Pink eye (Conjunctivitis)
Vaginal yeast infection
Other Medical Conditions treated by TimelyMD:

Canker or cold sore
Stye (bumps on the eyelid)
Swimmer’s ear (ear pain)
Burns (minor)
Low back pain
Insect bites (head lice, tick bite, etc.)
Pertussis (whooping cough)
Quit tobacco
Allergies/hay fever
Exposure to sexually transmitted diseases
Athlete’s foot
Chicken pox
Diaper rash
Eczema or dermatitis
Ingrown toenail
Jock itch
Tinea (fungal skin infection)
Constipation and/or diarrhea (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
Heartburn or acid reflux (GERD)
Malaria prevention
Motion sickness prevention
And more …

When is RoyalMD available?
You can complete an online visit at any time, 24 hours a day.

How soon will I get a response?
Our goal is to provide a response within one hour, 24 hours a day.

Who makes the diagnosis?
A licensed, board-certified RoyalMD provider physician (MD), nurse practitioner (NP), or physician assistant (PA) will review and discuss your symptoms, make a diagnosis, and develop your treatment plan.

What if you can’t provide a diagnosis?
We do our best to treat you online, but not every condition can be treated via RoyalMD. If your health concern cannot be addressed through RoyalMD, you may be directed to another location for care.

Can I get a prescription?
RoyalMD providers are licensed and able to prescribe certain medications as part of your care plan, if clinically appropriate. We do not provide prescriptions for pain medications or narcotics. RoyalMD is not an online pharmacy and we cannot fill prescriptions. If a prescription medication is part of your treatment plan, it will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice. You are responsible for the cost of any prescriptions, over-the-counter treatments, or follow-up visits you may need related to prescriptions.

How can I get my prescription filled?
If a prescription is clinically appropriate, it will be sent to a local pharmacy of your choice. When you are filling our your intake information, you will select a local pharmacy that is convenient for you – it’s that easy.

Will my prescription be covered by my insurance policy?
Most pharmacies accept most insurance plans. That said, please verify that the pharmacy you select is within your covered network before sending your prescription. If needed, you can request a pharmacy change by calling RoyalMD support at 800-274-0798.

How much does a visit cost?
Warner students: Registered Warner students receive multiple free visits each semester or term. Once you have used your free visits, each additional visit costs $40. You can pay with a credit card or a health savings account card (HSA).

Is my visit covered by insurance?
If you incur charges for your visit, you may submit your receipt to your insurance company, but we cannot guarantee you will be reimbursed.

Will my provider know I’ve completed a visit?
If you are a RoyalMD patient, your visit records will be saved as part of your medical records. For your convenience and with your consent, patient records can be shared.  If you want to share your records with a physician outside of RoyalMD, you can print or email your records, or call 877-292-1414 to have us send a copy of your RoyalMD records to your provider.

Is my personal information safe?
All the information you provide is encrypted and protected. Our Terms of Service gives more information on how we protect the personal information provided through our website.

Do I have access to records of my visit(s)?
Yes. You can access your visit records at any time through your account.

What browsers do you support?
RoyalMD requires you to use a modern browser to ensure your data is secure and your experience is awesome. You can use any of the following browsers for your visit: Internet Explorer 11 or newer, Safari 11 or newer, Chrome, or Firefox. If you don’t have one of these browsers, you can download Chrome or Firefox for free.

How can I access RoyalMD?
You can access RoyalMD from any web-enabled device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.