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Spring Break Alert: Allergies are more than an annoyance for your students

Spring break is nearly here! While students are excited for a little vacation, college administrators may be just as thrilled to enjoy warmer weather. Hitting the beach, the slopes, or just kicking back to catch some March Madness is fun for everyone — so long as you don’t get sick.

Getting sick just before or on vacation is incredibly common. One reason may be the work crunch we put ourselves through just before we take time off. Another may be that warm weather brings with it a spike in seasonal allergies. Often, allergy symptoms are mistaken for other illnesses. Left untreated, what started as a simple allergy can turn into a nasal infection.

Allergies can take students by surprise. Allergies now affect as many of 30% of adults — researchers think about ~50 million people in the United States suffer nasal allergies — and allergies are on the rise. The serious fact for healthcare administrators to consider is that allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in this country.

Telemedicine can help. Easy to access, even on-the-go, TimelyMD programs can accurately triage sick students and guide them to appropriate symptom management. If an ailment goes beyond allergies, a telehealth visit can offer the right prescriptions, or advise students who need to see a doctor to get help. 

Yes, common allergy remedies are available over the counter. But allergy sufferers aren’t always sure what’s making them feel ill, or how to combat symptoms. Billions of dollars are spent each year on avoidable doctor visits for Spring allergies. And for your students, missing a trip due to illness, or finding a healthcare resource far from home or campus may be tricky — and expensive.   

The constant sneezing, watery eyes, and mouth-breathing allergy sufferers face may add up to more than a minor annoyance for your favorite Spring Breakers. If you’re in charge of campus healthcare, allergies and other manageable health issues could be costing students a lot more than you think.

Luckily, it’s easy to put technology to work, saving students time and trouble — whether they feel sick after hours or out of state. Thoughtful telemedicine programs empower you to put healthcare at your students’ fingertips, 24/7, no matter where they roam.


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